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Beginning March 15, 2017, the Alabama Marines Foundation will begin accepting RV Camp parking applications from our 2016 patrons for the 2017 University of Alabama home football game weekends. Beginning April 1, 2017, applications will be accepted from all other patrons.   


The Alabama Marines Foundation is pleased to offer RV parking for the 2017 University of Alabama home football game weekends. All net revenues from parking fees are used to support the various veterans’ charitable programs of the Foundation. As in the past, the Camp for the 2017 season will be located at Clara Verner Tower, 101 Old Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, just off Jack Warner Parkway. The Camp is in the parking lot on the East side of the Tower.


Our camp is unique in several respects.  Just .7 miles from Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Camp is an ideal location for easy access to the Stadium and to many food, shopping, and entertainment establishments located in Tuscaloosa.  With 34 paved parking spaces, it offers campers a secure, pleasant setting away from the traffic and noise problems generally associated with larger camps.  Most importantly, RVs may arrive as early as noon Thursday and stay in the Camp until 2:00 PM Sunday following the game.  For home games played on consecutive weekends only, RVs may remain in the Camp between those games.

 For 2017, only season parking passes will be sold. No single game parking passes are available. During the period March 15, 2017 to March 31, 2017, applications will be accepted only from those campers holding 2016 permits. The season parking fee for applications received between March 15, 2017 from last year’s patrons only will be $900.00, by check; $940.00 for credit cards.

On and after April 1, 2017, applications for any remaining parking spaces will be accepted from all patrons with an RV meeting the requirements of the Camp Guidelines at a fee of $1,000.00 for checks and $1,040.00 for credit cards. RV camping for the 2017 A-Day game is included for those campers who have registered and paid for a season pass at the time the game is played. Parking fees must be paid in advance at the time of registration. No partial payments will be accepted.

Please note that applications for season passes are approved for specific persons and specific vehicles. Season passes for persons and vehicles may not be sold or otherwise transferred to others.

Prior to submitting an application for a space, please read the Camp Guidelines. If your vehicle does not comply with the Camp Regulations or you or your family members and guests are unable to comply, please do not apply for a parking pass.

Please note that all approved applicants must read and sign the Release from Liability Form.
If your application for a parking space is approved, please copy the Release from Liability Form, sign and date it, and turn it in to a Foundation attendant on your first visit to the Camp. Click here to review and print the form.

Click Here to view and complete an application for a 2017 season parking pass.

Thank you for considering our Camp as you make plans for the 2017 football season.  If you have questions concerning the Camp or its operation, please use the “contact us” button on this website or send an email to

Click Here for directions to Our RV Camp.


If you need a space for the 2016 season after all spaces have already sold and you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact the Foundation by email at or by use contact us  of the “contact us” button on this website.

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