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Donations to the Foundation in memory of someone, whether a Marine, a member of another military branch, or a private citizen are a fitting way to acknowledge their service and sacrifice. Your donation in honor of a friend, loved one, or colleague has special meaning for their families and for us at the Foundation. Names of those for whom Memorial donations have been received are displayed below in their honor, and the donation has been applied in accordance with the fund designation chosen by the donor. If you would like to make a memorial donation, please click here.

Memorial Donations


Dr. Herbert T. Boschung   | Staff Sergeant,  U.S. Army Air Corps ,  1942-1945,  World War II

Walter L. Davis Jr.    | Corporal,  U. S. Marine Corps,  1954-1959

James S. Dobbs   | Lance Corporal,  U.S. Marine Corps

John M. Dobbs   | Corporal,  U.S. Army,  1946 - 1948

Robert W .  Dobbs   | Colonel,  U.S. Marine Corps, Reserve,  1953-1983, Korea

William H. Dobbs   | Lieutenant Colonel,  U.S. Marine Corps,  1966 - 1983,  Vietnam

James T. Kisgen   | Colonel,  U.S. Marine Corps,  World War II,  Korea

Randolph Joel Sterns   | PFC,  U.S. Marine Corps,  Mike Company, 3rdBn, 5th Marine Regiment,  Vietnam

Floyd Stowe   | Colonel,  U.S. Marine Corps,  1964-1993, Vietnam


 | Born:Miami, FL | Lived:Tuscaloosa, AL |

 | September 9, 1948 - May 9, 1968 |

 |  Laid to Rest: Barrancas National Cemetery, NAS Pensacola, FL |

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