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 Release From Liability
Acknowledgment of Potential Hazards, Assumption of Risk, And Release From Liability
This Is A Release From Liability----Read Carefully Before Signing
The undersigned does hereby request to be allowed to participate and engage in all activities related to parking at a recreational vehicle lot operated by the Alabama Marines Foundation (hereinafter, AMF), a non-profit entity, located at Clara Verner Towers parking lot, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The undersigned, for himself/herself, his/her executors, administrators, heirs and assigns does hereby release and forever discharge AMF and any other person, partner, firm or corporation, charged or chargeable with liability or responsibility regarding said parking activity from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action, of any and every kind whatsoever, which I have, or could hereafter have, on account of, arising out of or in connection with said parking activity on said property.
And further, this Release shall carry with it a full and final release of the above named AMF, its directors/officers, its members and its parking attendants from any and all liability from any and all claims, demands, courses of action of every nature and kind, whatsoever, now existing or which may arise, including expenses, service, loss of support and maintenance, mental anguish and any and all other claims directly or indirectly growing out of the undersigned's participation in said parking and related activity and in full of all other claims of any nature occurring prior to, on, or subsequent to the date thereof.
The undersigned further acknowledges the fact that parking recreational and other vehicles and participating in other related activities of the Camp involves mechanical equipment and is dangerous. Nonetheless, the undersigned desires to participate in such activity with the full knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the risks and potential injury involved. This Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement includes members of my family and any guest I might have at my parking location or anywhere else in the Camp.
I desire to participate and agree to abide by the Camp policies with regard to my stay at the Camp, and knowingly, freely and voluntarily execute this Release of Liability And Acknowledgment of Assumption of Risk during my stay.
It is clearly understood that this is a full release of all present and future claims that the undersigned may have against the AMF by virtue of the said AMF allowing the undersigned to park vehicles in the Camp and to participate in any and all other Camp activities. This release, when signed and dated, will allow the undersigned to enter and use the Camp for “agreed to purposes”, defined by the AMF Camp Guidelines, during all game weekends for the 2017 football season of The University of Alabama.
This________ day of ___________________2017. Participant:_____________________________
Witness:__________________________________ Participant:_____________________________

Participant Address:___________________________ City:___________________ State_____________

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