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 Alabama Marines Foundation RV Camp Directions


                   Directions to Our RV Camp

The Alabama Marines Foundation RV Camp is located on the East side of Clara Verner Tower at 101 Old Hackberry Lane in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
• From I-20/59, take exit 71B onto 359 N, also known as Alabama Highway 69 N.
• Proceed North on 359 N/69N for approx. 2 miles into downtown Tuscaloosa.
• Prepare to turn right onto University Blvd.
• Prepare to immediately turn left in one block onto Greensboro Ave.
• Proceed two blocks to the bottom of the hill and turn right onto Jack Warner Parkway.
  You will not be headed east.
• In approximately 1.7 miles you will pass Manderson Landing on the left and Hackberry Lane on the
   right; proceed through this intersection. (There is a traffic light and a street sign at this intersection.)
   You will turn right at the next street.
• Once past Hackberry Lane you should get into the right-turn lane.

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